Albert Coates Memorial Scholarship – BioMedical Science

15 November 2018
Compliance Manager Bill Bahr recently attended the the Sir Albert Coates Oration & Dinner on behalf of W&D Finance. Sir Angus Houston AK AFC was the guest orator, speaking on Leadership and why Leadership matters. He recounted his own experiences as Chief of the Defence Force and in the RAAF & his greatest challenge was the Malaysian Flight  MH17 that was shot down over the Ukraine in 2014. He co-ordinated Australian & International efforts to locate passengers etc. on the ground and at a strategic level dealing with multiple countries and of course the Russian military.   

Liam Hanrahan (last year’s winner of the W&D Finance Scholarship, right) who has now been accepted to Medical School at Deakin University also spoke at the dinner. In speaking with Don Moss the Biomedical component of his degree gave him a back door to study medicine, Federation University is one of a few universities to give this option. 
Further winners included: a nurse who has joined the Australian Army as a Nurse in Trauma medicine, a Mother of 3-children completing her emergency medical degree & is a paramedic, another trainee doctor who was in Arnhem Land for 12-months experience and learnt not only medical skills but another language and gained the respect of the people she served. All are recipients of a scholarship via the Coates Trust.