BSB NUMBER: 704 495

Webster Dolilta Finance Limited has its own unique Bank State Branch (BSB) number that allows electronic transactions to be processed to and from W&D Finance accounts. The BSB number permits W&D Finance to connect directly into the Banks Electronic Clearing System and process transactions to and from other Financial Institutions electronically.

Our BSB number coupled with your 9 digit W&D Finance Account reference number enables you to perform the following:

  • Internet Banking
    Transfer money online from Bank accounts to your W&D Finance Loan, At Call or Superfund Account.
  • Pay Loan Instalments by Direct Debit
    Have your loan instalment debited from your bank account and paid directly to your W&D Finance loan.
  • Periodic Transfers to Bank Accounts
    Need access to your money on the weekends? Set up a Periodic Payment to transfer money from your W&D Finance at call account to your bank account with EFTPOS facilities.
  • Periodic Transfers from Bank Accounts
    Saving? Our staff can organise direct debits from your bank account to an interest earning W&D Finance account. Direct debits can be set up to occur as often as you like and can also be performed as a one off
  • Investment Interest Payments
    Have interest from your W&D Finance Investment credited directly to your bank account.
  • Electronic Dividend Payments
    Have your dividend payment directly credited to your W&D Finance account. No need to worry about receiving and depositing cheques. Ideal for Superfund Accounts!

All of the above transactions carry no extra fees and are processed on the night of the transaction as cleared funds, ask us for more information!