* Interest is not compounded in this example, please contact W & D Finance for alternative interest payment terms.

Please note that the following calculator is a guide only and should not be used as the sole basis for an investment decision.

Please Note >

  1. Assumes interest is paid at maturity or annually for investments for terms of 12 months or longer. Does not take into account compounding of interest.
  2. Amount of interest earned over life of investment. Assumes 365 day year.
  3. All numbers assume Australian dollars and do not take into account exchange rates, income tax or other government charges which may apply.
  4. Full details of Terms & Conditions are available on application. Interest rates may change and should be verified with W & D Finance before opening a term investment.

The results provided by this calculator are an approximate guide only.
This calculator, or the result generated, does not constitute any agreement by W & D Finance to provide credit. Please contact W & D Finance to view the full range of loan products and to obtain the latest interest rate for your needs.

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